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Presentation by APVMA February 19

WALGA ‘Weed Management’ forum presentation

21 February 2019

APVMA recently provided a presentation at the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) Weed Management forum.

APVMA’s presentation detailed the regulator’s role in the regulation of pesticides in Australia up to the point of sale and the important distinction between ‘hazard versus risk’ in chemical assessment.

A proposal for industry to comment available in APVMA website.

Brief June 19

Arki Labs brief report intend to present snap shot of interesting facts on various APVMA registered products to benefit our clients.  For more information and subscription to Arki Labs report, please send an email to [email protected] with subject Report to receive updates.  You may download 

Crop grouping guidance document

APVMA have finalised the guidance document on the use of crop grouping in regulatory risk assessments.

Crop grouping gives growers better access to chemicals for minor crops without the need to get a permit as, in many cases, minor crops can be included on the label. In addition, the cost to industry is reduced by removing the need to generate data across multiple crops within the same crop group.